Setting up Nonprofits for Success

Mission, Core Values, and Purpose

As noted organizational consultant Simon Sinek famously states, it “starts with why.” Why does your nonprofit exist and what community value does it add? What is your mission and what metrics are used to determine whether your organization is successful in fulfilling that mission? We measure what matters, so how do does your nonprofit use those milestones to help drive both organizational reach and impact (and which of those is more important for any particular organization)? Town Square Collaborative works with senior staff and board to develop a future focused strategic plans and brainstorms specific objectives, strategies, and tactics to implement on a yearly basis to achieve your goals. With clarity of vision and a unified voice and direction, we help set up your organization for long-term success.

Fundraising, Partnerships, and Donations

We’ll evaluate current revenue sources (both donated and earned income streams) to develop a full fundraising strategy based on open communication, storytelling, and quantitative data. We’ll do a thorough examination of current and historical fundraising practices and create a year-round development calendar that ensure that the right stakeholders receive the right organizational message at the right time. We’ll also delve into partnerships with both like minded and dissimilar public and private organizations to best extend our mutual reach.

Board Management

A nonprofit is only as strong as its supporting board. Town Square Collaborative works with boards on governance and helps to implement recognized BMP’s in the nonprofit structure. We’ll develop an engagement strategy and focus on succession planning to ensure that the board is aligned with the mission and has the right people in the right roles at the helm.

Leadership Development

Town Square Collaborative works directly with Executive Directors and CEO’s and their top staff to most effectively amplify their position as the face of the organization. We’ll perform internal and external environmental scans and create a path forward that is mission based and driven by the specific personality of the executive and the broader nonprofit. We’ll coach through specific organizational challenges and obstacles and best determine ways to overcome them. Town Square Collaborative facilitates staff retreats and team building exercises which empower staff and help define roles in small organizations.


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